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Reheating smoked meats

I made an extra pork butt, and vacuum sealed the entire un-pulled butt with a Foodsaver Compact II and froze it.  This model is no longer being sold, and has since been replaced on their website by their similar Vac 550 model.

Recently, while I was cooking 4 racks of baby backs that I had going on the Kamado, I decided to defrost the butt for dinner.

I defrosted the butt by placing the butt (still frozen and in the bag) into a pot of cold water, and slowly simmered it on the stove while the ribs were cooking. There was no rush...

I then took the meat out of the bag and put it on the Kamado for about 20 minutes to crisp up the brown just a bit.

My guests thought it was very good... and they are used to those coming hot off the cooker, so they have some practical experience with it

So, at least for me, the FoodSaver has been a good way to freeze, and because of the boiling-bag capabilities, a good way to reheat my Q.

Oh, by the way, I've reheated frozen brisket and smoked corned beef with similar excellent results.

You might be able to produce similar results with other boiling-bag products. The moisture and flavor stays in the meat.. a good thing.

The reheat of the pork butt was very much a success! Sounds like there are some planned leftovers in my future butt smoking.


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