Redi-Chek Smoker

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First look

When I got my first Redi-Chek wireless two probe thermometer a couple of years ago, I wrote a web page on my site that describes the unit.

I got to talk to the customer service folk at the manufacturer, and he filled me in on some of the technical details (how often the temperature is updated, etc.)

As the discussion went on, I explained that there were some things I'd like to see implemented in future designs. These features would be great for Kamado cooks.

I asked for a few things

  • Waterproof transmitter (tired of putting mine in a baggie)
  • High and **Low** temperature alarms for smoker probe
  • High temp alarm for food probe
  • LCD backlight (so I can read it easily during overnight cooks)

Well folk, they listened! The result is the new model ET-73 Redi-Chek Smoker thermometer.

I got a hold of a pre-production model, and it looks great. The transmitter and receiver are each the size of a deck of cards. There is a clip to hold the transmitter onto the cooker, and a clip to hold the probe at grill level (but we K users will probably just use the thermometer hole in the dome).

These are the very first photos of the unit... I'll make some additional photos of the unit in use later.  Click on the small images for larger photos.

DSCN7251.jpg DSCN7256.jpg
DSCN7258.jpg DSCN7259.jpg


DSCN7260.jpg DSCN7261.jpg DSCN7262.jpg
zDSCN7265.jpg zDSCN7267.jpg zDSCN7268.jpg

They've incorporated some pretty clever logic into the unit. For example, the low temp alarm isn't triggered unless the temp got above the low temp setting. That way the low temp alarm isn't constantly sounding while the cooker is coming up to temperature! Similarly, you can't set a low temp alarm that's higher than the high temp alarm... obvious after you see it.

As to the weather resistance. I'd say that the transmitter is water resistant. I don't think I'd go snorkling with it, but it's safe to use out in the rain.

If you look closely at the photo that shows the batteries, the on-off switch of the transmitter is accessed by removing a cover that's sealed by two black o-rings. You obviously put the door back on after you've activated the transmitter.

I tried the unit last night and so far, so good... I'll make a full report later.

List price will be $60, and they're expecting production units in any day now.   Perhaps Kamado Company can add this product to their line. It's an ideal companion to our K cookers!

Further information can be seen at the manufacturer's web site, if you click here.

Now for the usual disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this device, but wanted folk to know about this cool new toy < s >


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